Old-fashioned Russian Wedding Images

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Old-fashioned Russian Wedding Images

We’ve previously published Russian Dating Profile Pics, Creepy Russian Playgrounds, and Weird Russian how to get a russian bride Mafia Gravestones… works out that even when it comes to photos that are wedding no body does it since embarrassing as Russians.

The Russians evidently have liking that is strange raw birds./h2>

There’s sad & worthless. After which there’s Russian sad & useless.

Russia is a huge Alabama.

What’s because of the birds?

I understand that image because of the squatting man had been a parody and irony.

They’re all simply wanting to be funny…this is indeed stupid, it could’ve been called “sad and useless us wedding photos” we actually see no huge difference. Have you thought to simply have a full page of absurd wedding pictures as opposed to target a nation.

The Watermelon!! HAHAHA

Some individuals need certainly to otherwise smile more Frickin HILARIOUS…

Really i believe it really is a evidence, that the russians have actually lovely feeling of humour.

What’s with the raw birds?

The watermelon!! ?? or even the giant horses ass wtf!?

Why do all Russian dudes look alike? The ladies within these pictures are often quite pretty, the males look well…ROUGH. Too much vodka?

The bride that is mini the pocket is a no no!

The birds would be the ironic installing of a wedding that is romantic of tossing up pigeons, which signify love and freedom.

Really strange rather than such a thing that u would wish as pictures in your wedding album…all of these are crappy!!

We are now living in Alabama. We don’t throw birds. We fry them!

They’re simply individuals fun that is having! The sole dubious one is the watermelon, could be a wee bit way too much!

Throwing chicken would be to ban bad spirits,you bangbangs.

Many Russians have good love of life, albeit distinct from “the western.” Pity about all the propaganda against that country…it’s a fantastically interesting spot.

Vulgar culture without any respect for weddings or wedding exact exact same with United States Of America circus weddongd

These people are loved by me. I do want to go there

sup because of the chickens that are naked

They remind me personally of a John Prine track.

Brand brand New usage for watermelon! ??????

bold, ridiculous, kitschy… Everyone loves the parody because of the birds and also the carpet thing :))

For those who haven’t lived among the list of individuals here, you simply cannot realize. Their tradition, thinking and lifestyle — its poles far from us within the eastern. The traditions and symbolism are much different. I’ve not gone to Russia, but I’ve been twice to Ukraine, when to consult with and when to call home to show English at BTNAU. It’s similar there. Marriages are similar to ours, but such a thing is true of the marriage pictures. They frequently just just take pictures at nationwide monuments and there leave flowers. They don’t want to get down on vacation; they like to invest wedding with their families night. Girls whom inhabit smaller metropolitan areas or rural areas search for wedding gowns most importantly open-air areas. I favor the picture associated with couple standing at the farm tractor. I’ve visited their farms. It is a hard life, however these individuals are difficult employees and happy with their farms. Before you reside among eastern world individuals, you cannot comprehend or appreciate their life style.

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