All about Wedding Lighting

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All about Wedding Lighting

Lighting is usually ignored when deliberating on wedding décor but lately, there has been a shift towards contacting a lighting expert when planning a wedding event. Instead of accepting their wedding venues the way they are, brides and grooms are exploring unique ways for setting a mood, personalizing their wedding, camouflaging less attractive features, and highlighting attractive ones.


The first step in lighting for a wedding event is to switch off any fluorescent lighting in the room; you are at a wedding ceremony, not in office environment! After the fluorescents are off it is time to set up your classy lighting design.


Pin Spots

If you have fancy floral settings or centrepieces on the tables, pin spotting is actually a great idea. Pin spotting is when light fixtures are set up all through the space to provide “mini spotlights” for the centrepieces. Pin spotting generates a very dramatic effect and will definitely highlight your centrepieces and reveal them in their full beauty. Your florist will adore it and it makes for great pictures.



When making use of lighting as part of your wedding decoration the very first component you should think about is having your name in lights. Having your names or wedding monogram projected on the dance floor or a backdrop has the greatest “wow” effect and its less expense. It is a really stylish and elegant design that will stun your guests while they walk into the event and it makes for great pictures.


Colour Wash

Another fashionable effect is to apply a pattern gobo on the dance floor and wash the dance floor in coordinating colour. A wash is a lighting terminology which means to fill a location with light. Washing your dance floor will surely make it stand out and a centre point of the celebration. You can also wash entryways, walls, ceilings or any particular area you wish to highlight.



Another element in wedding event lighting is uplighting. Uplighting includes positioning lighting fixtures around the perimeter of the room aiming up towards the walls or other architectural fittings. The uplights build columns of light moving up the wall and bathe the space in a stunning glow. The uplights are colour combined with your wedding colour theme to blend everything together. The degree of uplights needed is determined by the size of the wedding space and the preferred effect.


Intelligent Lighting

If you intend to have a wild party later at night and you want more of a modern edge to your wedding you should consider intelligent dance floor lighting.

The perfect lighting can create an enchanting effect to benefit any wedding reception venue, either outdoor or indoor. There are several selections when it comes to wedding lights, from icicle and string lights to curtain and net lights, and a mixture of some or every one of them. Whatever the required effect, there are several fairly lights to create it.

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